WebChicklet – Home of Geeky Web Goodness

I needed a place to organize all of the geeky info and links to more geeky info, and this seemed like a good place to do that. Pardon my dust while I build out the site. It takes time to gather all of my geek thoughts into one coherent, easily navigable site structure.
Some Potential Web-Related Topics

I plan on covering a few of the following topics as time permits.

* CMS (Content Management Systems)
* Web Design
* Web Development / Programming / Hosting
* New Media Technologies
* Online Productivity Tools
* Interesting Online Sites

and probably a ton more things that aren’t popping into my head at the moment.

I hope that once I’ve got all this squared away and up and running, that you’ll stop by once in a while to see what’s new. I promise I’ll try to keep it fresh and interesting.

Your chicklet on the web,


P.S. Obviously, WebChicklet is my pen name (otherwise known as a nom de plume). I use a pen name to keep this work separate from other work that I may be known for as well as to enable me to put a little fun into this (by being slightly mysterious and all).

Disclaimer: I may occasionally accept forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, and other types of compensation, but my opinion cannot be influenced. In addition, any paid links will be rendered Google-friendly, and will not pass link juice. I may also sometimes review products and include an affiliate link to the product, however, the review will still consist of my honest opinion of the product – good or bad, or in most cases, a little of both.

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