How To Create A Fashion Blog In 4 Steps

I get a lot of emails from readers asking how they can start a blog.  Surprisingly, a lot of them specifically want to know how to start a Fashion blog.   I’m no fashion expert or fan, but I thought I would write this post to help you create a fashion blog.  Of course, this info applies to ANY kind of topic, not just fashion.


Step 1: Register Your Domain

Before purchasing and registering your domain name, you should give a lot of thought on what you want your domain to be!  A unique, easy to read, easy to remember domain is important as it will be your brand for the life of your fashion blog {or tech blog, etc.}

Registering a domain is super easy, super fast, and relatively inexpensive.  While you can register the domain with whichever hosting company you decide to use in step 2 (often for free), we recommend you don’t do that.  The general consensus is it always best to have your domain and hosting plans with separate companies.

You shouldn’t have to pay more than $10.99 to register a dot com domain with any registrar.  You will have to renew that each year for around the same price.  While there are hundreds (thousands?) of domain registrars, there are only two I use for all my  domains. My number one go to guy is Godaddy.  Everyone has heard of Godaddy by now, and they are great for domain registrations.  I also have begun to use to diversify my domain holdings, and they are sooo fast and easy to use.
1. Go to to register your new domain {click the link and it will appear in a new window}.




2. Type in the domain you’ve decided on.

3. Godaddy will tell you if that domain is available, or already taken.  If available, just follow the prompts to purchase it.  If not, time to think of some other amazing domain names!

*Sidenote: While GoDaddy is great for domain reg, I would never use them (again) for web hosting.  Their admin site to maintain your hosting is absolutely a nightmare to use.



Step 2:  Setting Up Hosting

Picking a reliable host is an important step in starting your fashion blog (or any type of blog).   You don’t always want the the cheapest hosting service.  Quality of customer service, solid up time guarantees, and ease of administration are very important factors too.

I recommend Hostgator for setting up your blog’s hosting.  I’ve used GoDaddy for hosting (they are horrible), is hosted by hostmonster ( a good choice too), but now use HostGator almost exclusively for any new sites I create.  Why?  It is EXTREMELY rare for their service to go down, their level of customer support is unbelievably great, and their price is very competitive.  When I talk about great customer support, I mean I rarely (ever?) have to wait more than a minute to reach a rep on the phone or in online chat, AND, they always know how to fix my issues quickly and knowledgeably.

No matter who you decide to go with for hosting, all hosts offer discounts the further out you pay (one year, two years etc.)  This is recommended to save some money.  But, if your cashflow is tight initially, you can go with monthly payments too, your monthly payment will just be a little higher.



How to Purchase HostGator Hosting

1. Go to ( <— just click the link and it will open in a new window)

2, Click “View Web Hosting Plans”

3.  I recommend the Baby Plan, which gives you unlimited domains, disk space, and bandwidth.  So if (when?) you decide to start other blogs, you won’t have to pay any extra for hosting.    If you’re only EVER going to have one site, then select the Hatchling Plan to save a few bucks a month.

4. Click on “order now” button for the plan you want.





5. Enter The Domain You Registered With GoDaddy




6.  Enter yourr preferred user name and pin and you  contact and billing information.

7.  Hit Creat Account button at bottom.  And voila! You now have your new fashion blog hosted on HostGator!  So are you done?  Not quite!  You need to check your email for a confirmation email from HostGator.  You also might get a phone call to verify you are really you, and not some spammer from Nigeria.

This step is done. In the next step, you’ll have to change your nameserver on Godaddy to point your domain to your hosting on hostgator.  Confusing?  Don’t worry, I’ll show you how in the next step below!



Changing Your Nameservers at GoDaddy

It’s all about time management.  I could have made a video on how to change the nameservers on Godaddy so your domain registered there points to your hosting account at HostGator, but why reinvent the wheel?  Plus I’m a little lazy.  Here’s a youtube video on how to make the required changes:


Step 3: Installing WordPress

This step is super easy thanks to the Hostgator cpanel admin interface.

1. Log into your HostGator account using the username and password that you created.  This info should also be in the confirmation email you received from HostGator.

2. Once in the cPanel area, scroll down to the Software/Services area and click on the Fantastico icon.




3. Click WordPress on the left side menu




4. Select your domain to install wordpress on, enter your wordpress username and password (and write them down!), your site name and description.  You’ll be able to change the name and description anytime you want later.



Hit the install wordpress button, and follow the rest of the prompts.  Bam, you now have WordPress installed!  Next you’ll need to change the default theme to one that is more flexibile in changing styles, design, etc.  See Step 4 for info on that.



Step 4: Choosing a WordPress Theme

There are about 4.3 million free themes that you can choose from via your WordPress admin screen, under the Appearance menu.  And if you’re operating on a shoestring budget, then by all means search through those 4.3 million themes until you find one you think you like.  It should do you fine for starting out.

If you have the budget, it really is a time saver and future headaches saver, to go with a premium theme.  My current favourite is Genesis theme, by Studiopress.  I highly recommend it as it is super customizable and just plain easy to figure out.  You want a customizable theme so you can set yourself apart from the crowd.  If you’re new to wordpress in general, Genisis is perfect, as they provide unlimited support AND access to detailed tutorials.  You can’t go wrong with Genesis.




That being said, uses the StudioBlue theme by Elegant Themes.  I’ve been happy enough with it’s customization, but will eventually change over to Genesis when I have more time.




And that, my friends, is it.  You are now a professional blogging machine, ready to show the world everything you know about everything.

Now what?  You’ll want to log in to your new site’s admin area to customize your look, and to start writing posts.  To do that:

Type in  {replace with your url}


Enter your WordPress user id/password that you created in step 3

Get blogging!

Got questions on how to start your blog?  Post your comments/questions below, and I’ll try my best to help you create a blog today!


Get blogging!

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