Ubuntu Tips and Tricks

These are just a few tips and tricks for Ubuntu newbies mostly who are just migrating over from Windows and need to know some basics. (work in progress, and will be added to over time).  [edit] Since I wrote this article I’ve posted a new post that would be helpful for a Ubuntu newbie about things you should do when starting out.  I’ve also written a popular post called Ubuntu Newbie Guide The First 24 Hours With Ubuntu.  But of course please read the rest of this post first!

Show Hidden Files (.filename) in User Home

* Places / Home
* Press Ctrl + H

How To Edit php.ini if You’ve Installed PHP5
In a terminal window, type:
sudo gedit /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

How To Restart Apache
In a terminal window, type:
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

(Do this when you’ve made changes to php.ini that you want the site to recognize)

Copy/Paste is much easier in Linux than it is in Windows. Once you highlight some text in one application, and go to another app, all you have to do is press the mouse wheel down to paste. You don’t have to right-click on the text to choose Copy, and you don’t have to right-click in the app to choose Paste. Highlight text in one app, press mouse wheel in the other app. Bam! Quick and easy.

Shut Down Via Keyboard Only (KDE/Kubuntu)
Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and then press Alt-T (T stands for Turn off).

This comes in handy when power goes out and/or monitor screen goes black, but your UPS keeps your system alive long enough to be able to power down gracefully.

Looking For A Program?
In a terminal window, type:
whereis program_name

So, if you were wondering where the various Firefox files were located, for example, you’d type:
whereis firefox

Backing Up Home Directory
If you back up home, you’ve backed up all your data, settings, etc. – basically anything you wouldn’t want to lose. To do so:

1. Open terminal and become root: sudo su
2. Go to root folder: cd /
3. Type following command and wait for a while (maybe 15 mins. or more):

tar cvpfz homebak.tgz /home

This will compress (zip) your home folder into a file called homebak.tgz, which you’ll now find in the root folder ( / ). Store that elsewhere in case you need it some day. To restore:

1. Open terminal and become root: sudo su
2. Go to root folder: cd /
3. Type: tar xvpfz homebak.tgz -C

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