Apple iPhone – The Next Big Release

In the technology world, there is a proverb which says – the gadget which makes the most hype, sells less, which however, is being proved false by Apple alone.  Apple is playing the role of new technology navigator among its siblings for a couple of years, with the release of mind blowing iterations every year.  After the most hyped iPad, which is releasing this April, the next big release by Apple is iPhone 4g which has already started to draw attention among tech lovers. Though Apple made it a strict closed door policy to announce which improvements they are making to the iPhone 3GS, there are some strong rumors which are likely to come into reality.

The highest possible improvement they are making is to introduce a 5 MP HD camera in the front, making the iPhone a complete iPhone HD package.  Also, Apple has reached the end of their contact with AT & T this year, opening the possibility of Verzion to be offering the iPhone, making it a CDMA Enabled Verizon iPhone, good news among iPhone users around the globe who are using CDMA service instead of GSM. However, we have to wait a couple of months to see the iPhone 4G magic.

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