Barnes and Noble Nook Worth A Look

In the ever expanding ebook reader market, the Barnes and Noble Nook looks like a very interesting alternative to the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader.  I am so interested, this webchicklet just pre-ordered the Nook!

The Barnes and Noble Nook appeals to my sense of style, and to my pocket book.  Here’s some quick features of the Nook:

  • E- Ink Display is easy on the eyes as it is more like a traditional print book, with no glare or backlighting, plus adjustable text size!
  • you can download books super fast with the AT&T 3G network, or via wifi
  • The Barnes and Noble Nook comes standard with 2GB of memory which can store up to 1500 books.  You can also add a memory card
  • You can sample books for free!
  • You can highlight text, bookmark pages, and you can even look up words with the built in dictionary
  • And this is pretty cool, you can even lend books to your friends for up to 14 days, and send the book to their reader, cell phone or computer!

The Barnes and Noble Nook is supposed to ship in November and sells for $259, and I’m sure they’ll be on schedule, given the impending Christmas

shopping season!


Check it out for yourself at the Barnes and Noble Nook website!

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