Best Selling Droid Pro Cases This Month

When Verizon launched the new Motorola Droid Pro last month, you could feel the excitement for this “Blackberry Killer” immediately.  And now that the phone is out it is proving to be a big seller.  Is it going to kill the Blackberry?  Not likely.  But it is a great new addition to Verizon’s offerings.  Given the popularity of this phone, you had to know that Droid Pro case selection would ramp up quickly, with some great looking cases to protect your Droid Pro.  Like most Android phones, battery life seems to be the only major complaint, but that’s manageable.

So, where are the best places to get a new Droid Pro case?  There are several excellent options:

  • Great selection of Droid Pro cases, skins, and screen protectors, along with great customer service, fast shipping, and an easy returns policy.
  • Wireless Emporium: Decent Droid Pro case selection, free and fast shipping on all products
  • Zagg Invisishield:  Awesome screen protectors, the best on the market, they really keep your Droid Pro screen looking like new and scratch free.

droid pro case

Best Selling Droid Pro Cases:

After a little digging, I’ve discovered that these are the top three Droid Pro cases over the past month:

  1. Exec Stitched Horizontal Leather Case:  This is a super soft genuine leather, professional looking Droid Pro Case

  2. Baby Pink Silicone Droid Pro case:  These Amzer silicone cases come in a bunch of great eye catching colors, but pink is always a big seller.
  3. Cellet Bergamo Leather Case:  This is a real sharp leather Droid Pro case, with it’s contrasting red markings on a fine black leather case.

If these three top sellers don’t pique your interest, never fear.  Thanks to the popularity of the Droid Pro, whatever your tastes, you can rest assured there will be a Droid Pro case to suit your style!

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