Motorola Xoom Wins “Best Gadget” at CES

As a gadget loving freak, I was glued to’s play by play of all the big unveilings throughout the week.  There were ALOT of cool gadgets presented at the CES, but the one that received the most fanfare and google trends leader all weekend was the Motorola XOOM Android Tablet, supposed to be launched in the first quarter of 2011.  At the end of the CES 2011 show Saturday, CNET’s editors chose the Motorola XOOM as the best gadget in show.

Their have been a boatload of Android tablets come to market before the Motorola XOOM, so what’s the big fuss?  Well, for starts, it has a dual core processor and will run Android 3.0 (firsts for both).  The Android 3.0 , also known as Honeycomb, was built by Google specifically for tablets, to make the most of the graphics and processor speed.  It would appear from first glance this could finally be an excellent alternative to the iPad.   Will it overtake the iPad?  That remains to be seen, but I’d guess no.  But I think ultimately Android based tablets as a whole will sell more units than iPads, just as Android based phones are now outselling the iPhone.


One thing is abundantly clear.  I will own one of these bad boys’ as soon as they become available. Motorola is already listing accessories for the XOOM, including a wireless keyboard, a docking station, and a slick looking Motorola XOOM case, that is attractive and functional.  So what say you?  Will you be standing in line to grab one of the first Motorola XOOM’s?  Will there even be a line at Verizon stores when this thing launches?

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