The Bestselling Droid X Cases

If you’re a Droid X fanatic like me, and as clumsy as me, then Droid X cases are not just an optional accessories, they are required equipment upgrades.  First off, I LOVE my Motorola Droid X, like I’ve loved no other phone before.  The HTC Droid Incredible came a close second, and in fact I still own it.  But that big beautiful Droid X screen was calling my name from day one, and with some sadness I put my Droid Incredible into early retirement.  That big beautiful Droid X needs a big beautiful Droid X case  to protect it though.

I tend to drop my phones at least a couple times a day, on asphalt, wood, cement, and any other hard surface I can find.  So a soft rubber case is just the fix for my needs, as it makes it easier to grip my droid x, and if(when) it tumbles to the ground and bounces down the cement stairs, it is protected by my soft rubber case, with the battery cover intact!

So after much research I found the ultimate case for my Droid X.  While doing my research and trial and error, I got to thinking: What’s kind of Droid X cases are everyone else buying?  So I did some digging, and that resulted in the Webchicklet Top 3 bestselling Droid X cases.  These top 3 outsell all of the other top 10 combined.

Here they are:

1. Amzer Luxe Argyle Skin Case for Motorola Droid X MB810 – Smoke grey

What’s not to like with this fashionable and durable Amzer Droid X case?  Everything remains accessible through the case with the cutouts, great grip and traction on surfaces

2. Amzer Rubberized Snap On Case for Motorola Droid X MB810 – Black

This rubber Droid X case snaps on with a perfect fit, with a shiny new look for your X.  You can still charge with the case on, while protecting your Droid X with a durable, strong, attrative case.

3. Seidio Innocase Surface Case for Motorola DROID (Black)

Droid X cases

This is REALLY nice case, but for a little more money.  It’s got a 1 mm thin wall case making it light weight and unobtrusive, while still being super strong and stylish.

If you have upgraded to an extended Droid X battery, then be sure to check that these cases will fit, if indeed the new battery is bigger than the original.  No matter what which one of these Droid X cases you chose to buy, your phone will thank you.

Update:  I’m excited to see that the Droid Pro is coming out soon, which I will definitely be buying on launch day, so check back in November or December and I’ll review the top 3 bestselling Droid Pro Case on the market at that time.

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