The Top 3 40″ to 49″ LED HDTV’s

I was in need of a new TV  for the family room this week, and was astounded by the sheer quantity of different LED HDTV’s on the market.  But, how’s a Webchicklet to decide on which LED HDTV is the right one at the right price?  I was overwhelmed and confused by the vast array of brands, screen sizes, technology (Plasma, LCD, Projection, CRT, or LED), and resolutions.

So I did what I always do, research, research, and more research.  But the first thing I decided was I want a good quality, but not super expensive, LED HDTV. As usual, I surfed over to my favorite source for research and buying any household item, to learn more about LED HDTV’s and their multitude of features.  And of course, always looking to get the lowest price, Amazon is the place to be.  Add in the free (and fast) shipping, and you get to wondering how the Best Buys’s of the world stay in business!

Best Selling LED HDTV's

First off, I chose an LED HDTV over LCD for the sole vanity of wanting a super thin TV I could mount on my wall.  That’s the big benefit of the LED technology over LCD and Plasma.  Of course that comes at a price.  So if budget is your concern, you might as well go with LCD, as they are much cheaper, and there isn’t really much difference in picture quality between the two.

Second, I wanted something in the upper 40 inches in size. Thirdly, I wanted 1080 resolution.  So with that in mind I narrowed it down to the top 3 LED HDTV bestsellers on Amazon in my size range.  Here they are:

1. VIZIO XVT473SV 47-inch Class Full Array TruLED LCD HDTV 240 Hz SPS with VIZIO Internet Apps

This one is the number one selling LED HDTV in my size range, but I just wasn’t comfortable with the brand name, though the price is certainly very tempting.  It is definitely worth looking at if you are on a limited budget.  It apparently has a very clear picture and super rich colors and amazing life like motion.  But at the end of the day, I wanted a more established brand name.  Yes I am a brand snob.

2. Sony BRAVIA KDL46EX720 46-Inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV, Black

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!  I love all things Sony (except their recent credit card data breach) and this TV looked too good to pass up.  The price was great, the size was close enough for what I was looking for, and the shipping was a SUPER fast 3 days to my door.  The Motionflow technology gives this tv an amazingly crisp and beautiful picture. The internet capability and apps keep the kids entertained, and even with the super thin chassis the sound is incredible.  And again, the price is too good to pass up for my Sony fix.

3. Samsung UN46D6400 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D LED HDTV (Black)

I was tempted to give Samsung a try, as the reviews are good, but the price brought me back to my senses and I went with the Sony 3D LED HDTV.  It does have an amazingly slim profile and is a hot looking tv.  It has all the same great features, but I’m a SONY girl.

No matter what kind of LED HDTV you’re looking for, if you’re overwhelmed by all the choices at your local Best Buys, hop into your pajamas, grab a cup of coffee and your laptop, and surf on over to Amazon to get the best LED HDTV for you, at the best price possible.

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