Why an eReader is Not a Tablet

Tablets and eReaders are frequently grouped into the same category which may seem harmless, but is ultimately like comparing the original Nintendo gaming system to the Wii. Numerous companies that specialize in eReaders actually market their products as tablets which for the general consumer can be a little confusing. While all tablets can perform the same functions as an eReader, an eReader definitely falls short in performance.

The eReader, whether it be a Nook, Kindle, or Kobu, can perform only basic functions. The screen itself was designed to reduce strain on the eyes and to reduce overall glare. The focus of these devices was to allow people the ability to read the books they want on the go, and to give them the ability to download them no matter where they are.

Why an eReader is Not A Tablet

Only recently have many of these eReaders begun to incorporate web browsers, and many of them are in their beta phase. They just don’t function on the same speed as a tablet. Simply put, you only buy an eReader to read books, magazines, or other print items.

Tablets, on the other hand, are practically large smart phones without the ability to make calls or mini laptops without keyboards. They have advanced IT Management teams running the apps that are created for them, superior Wi-Fi and browsing capabilities, and a large variety of functions that can help a person to anything from read the morning paper to create their monthly budget.

Recently, I heard that Amazon intended to sell 5 million tablets in their next quarter. I was stunned, but mainly because I didn’t even realize that they had a tablet available. After realizing that they were talking about the Kindle, I felt a little mislead. The Kindle isn’t a tablet.

ereader is not as good as a tabletA tablet is a highly functional mobile device, such as the iPad 2 or Galaxy 10.1. With a tablet, you can play games, scour the web, and play around on your Facebook profile. An eReader is simply that – an electronic device used for reading. It’s a great device to have for travel as no one wants to tote around heavy books in their carry-on, but otherwise – that’s all an eReader offers: convenience.

So before you invest in a Kindle or a Nook, consider all that you will be missing out on if you invest your money in one of these devices. Why spend $200 on a device that only provides access to printed items, when you could spend a little more on a tablet that allows you the same type of access while also providing you with several other features – including basics like internet browsing.

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