Does Digital Point Forum Advertising Work?

Admittedly, I’m no PPC advertising guru, and have spent a good chunk of change learning the ropes of PPC advertising, PPV advertising, and social (Facebook) PPC too.  I finally had a breakthrough moment on a Facebook PPC campaign, and thought I’d take the winning ad and try my luck at Digital Point Forums advertising.  So, how did DP Forum advertising work out for me?  Not good, not good at all.  Read on for the full rundown on this massive Digital point forum ad fail.


My Winning Facebook PPC Campaign

After several losing Facebook ad campaigns for various niches, I wasn’t sure if Facebook campaigns could even be profitable.  Then, this week I came across an affiliate offer in the SEO market, that had a good payout (average of $55 per sale so far).  I knew it converted because I had made sales via banner placements.  So I decided to give it a try in a Facebook PPC campaign.  After some demographics and keyword research on the affiliate offer site, I knew I could target certain countries, and certain interests via the Facebook targeting options to get good targeted customers.

I did the usual initial ad testing, first testing 10 different ad photos, with the same ad copy.  I did this in two separate campaigns of 5 ads.   Once I discovered the winning photo, I tested the same photo with different headlines and ad text combos.  Once I had the winner I ran the one ad May 10th and May 11, 2013 (today).  I also took that same winning ad copy and ran it on Digital Point Forums advertising platform.

Here’s a screen shot of the ad report from the Facebook campaign:


Facebook PPC Winning campaign






As you can see my cost per click for 161 clicks was 36 cents, with almost 300,000 impressions. My total ad spend for this day and a half was $57.68.  The report shows my CPM as being a respectable 19 cents per thousand impressions.   I actually started this campaign with testing on May 7th, and was getting a cost per click of just 21 to 22 cents initially and a CTR around 0.17!  I messed around with a few things and somehow my cpc went up, which pissed me off a bit.  However, I can’t be too mad, given my ad spend of $57.68 produced two sales worth $137.50 of commissions!  Not a bad ROI, right?

Ads tend to lose their appeal quickly on Facebook, so I know that I’ll have to come up with some new photos and maybe some new headlines too.  I addition, I’ll need to add more interests to my target list to expand the number of potential qualified impressions.  If I can keep my CTR at, or above it’s current 0.054%, get the CPC to come back down to the low 20 cents range, and increase the number of impressions I think this could net a nice $200 a day profit, or more. Of course that assumes the conversion rate remains stable at around 1% or so.

Losing Digital Point Forum Advertising Campaign

I should have focused my efforts on the above, but for some unknown reason, I decided to try the ad on the Digital Point Forums advertising platform.   DP forums ads run on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis, and if you want to geo target, you pay a premium minimum CPM of $3.00.  So why did I even bother running an ad with them when the FB CPM was $0.19??  I have no idea.  I guess my reasoning was that Digital Point Forums is a forum for Internet Marketers, and since my offer was perfect for them ,I would get a much higher ctr.   Bad idea, as you can see from the screenshot below:

Digital Point Forums Advertising Report





I won’t even get into my thoughts on how crappy the DP advertising reports are, with no custom reporting options to be found!   As you can see I paid a total of $29.91 to run my ad for a day and half.  And what did I get for that money?   I got 6 clicks through to my offer, and zero conversions (not surprisingly).  My number of impressions were dismal, my CTR was dismal, and most disturbingly was my Cost per Click, at a staggering average of $4.99 per click!

I know this is only one small test to compare Facebook ads versus Digital Point Forum ads, but I suspect the results would be similar for any other ads I tried.  I can safely say, I will NOT be using Digital Point forum advertising again!

Next post, I will compare Facebook PPC ads versus 7Search PPC ads on the same campaign.  Hint:  7Search is not looking good on conversions, but at least the cost per click is LOW.

If you’d like to share your experiences, good or bad, with Digital Point forum advertising, I’d love to read them in the comments below.

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