More than Advertising: The Facebook Timeline for Business

When the phrase “social networks,” come to mind, of course Facebook is at the frontline. The site, accessed by over 800 million users globally, is the easiest way to reach out to the world. When the site launched the Facebook Timeline for Business, it didn’t only help regular users show their creative side – it presented an idea for businesses to promote themselves too.

The new Facebook Timeline for Business allows companies to put up a cover page at the top and groups personal information and interests together, to tell a coherent story about the company. The page is now easier to browse and read through, with posts placed side-by-side to each other, maximizing space for optimal viewing.

With the upcoming conversion of all profiles to the Timeline, what can businesses do to make the most out of it? Here are four ways.

The cover page – capture their attention
Humans are visual. It’s easier to get people interested over a photo rather than a lengthy text. With the cover photo occupying the first half of the page, it’s the most important piece that businesses should focus on to keep customers reading. It could be the company’s logo, a photo of the team managing the business, an announcement of an upcoming, major event or a tastefully-made image that represents the company. Whatever it is, it should give a preview of what the business is all about and what it is up to.

The “Timeline”– tell a story
Customers are interested to know how the business came about. This is now possible in the Timeline as the posts are placed chronologically, and from the bottom up, the history of the business is easier understood and better appreciated. Further, the Timeline also launched the “Milestone” – a functionality that helps businesses separate the most successful and memorable moments of its existence, something that viewers will surely appreciate.

Important posts can also now be pinned and highlighted. For a week, the Timeline will keep a pinned post on top of the other updates for more visibility. Moreover, Facebook also allows highlighting by displaying posts at twice the size of a normal one to put more emphasis. Businesses can use this to alert the world with upcoming products, new services to offer, recent highlights or even customer reviews that can invite more potential customers.

Larger images– painting a bigger picture 
As Facebook aims to chronicle a user’s life with status updates and the use of multimedia, the Timeline enhanced how images appear in the page. Now larger to draw more attention, business can accompany their milestones or updates with a photo – it could be a product under development, the company’s best sellers, or a display of how the business has helped others.

Overall, the images posted should support each other, and most importantly, the cover photo. Well-coordinated posts do more than tell a story; it also shows consistency and dedication to meeting a common goal.

Subscription and Messages – Make the business accessible 
The new Timeline gives the option for viewers to communicate with the companies. By turning on the subscriptions, businesses are now able to receive direct messages. Whether still new and starting, or established and popular, companies should never let the opportunity of interacting with customers slip. Answering questions, providing assistance and responding to constructive feedback are just some of the things that can be taken advantage of. Making the business accessible to the public fosters a sense of transparency and trust with the viewers.

For a sample of what a good Timeline looks like, just take a look at Facebook’s own. For a brand that the world already knows of, their page still manages to grab the viewers’ attention. From new offices to meeting prominent people to announcing new updates – this is what the Timeline is all about. It is not just a page to show off the best products and services business offers, but the values, beliefs and vision that a company stands up for.

Sam is an Internet marketer who writes about a variety of changes in the industry and how marketers can best take advantage of them. From finding a conversion optimization service to managing and tracking social media campaigns, he enjoys blogging about it all!

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