4 Best Color Palette Generators

Have you ever started a new website project and stared at your computer screen trying to figure out what color palette scheme to use for you shiny new website?  I have, in fact, just last week.  Some people are great at website design, some people are great at color scheme selection. Rarely, are people good at both.  So unless you’ve got deep pockets and can hire out the color selection process, you’ve got to come up with some great complimenting colors for your website.  Lucky for you, there are many online color palette generators to choose from that make your job easy.  Even luckier for you, this Webchicklet has done the leg work in checking out the various sites that provide this service.  Here are my top 4 best Color Palette Generators below.

To qualify as useful, every site had to give the option of uploading (directly from your computer) large photos to generate the color palette, and not limit the file size and/or picture resolution.  Some sites do limit the photo size, and at least one made you upload the photo to a website and then provide the picture url.  Far too much for this lazy Webchicklet!

Awesome Online Color Palette Generators

1.  Big Huge Labs (http://bighugelabs.com/colors.php)

I found the Color Palette Generator at Big Huge Labs provided the cleanest, easiest, and quickest user interface.  Sure, it has a lot of ads, but hey, they’ve got to pay the bills like everyone else, and they are providing a VERY useful service for FREE.  The color palette generated was the best of the bunch.  As you can see in the photo, Big Huge Labs gave me a great selection of colors based on my photo.  They also give you the option to download the swatches in Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) format for Photoshop and the like, AND also gives you the sample CSS  to copy and paste at your leisure.

Color Palette Generator

2.  CSS Drive (http://www.cssdrive.com/imagepalette/)

CSS Drive has a nice looking, intuitive user interface for their color palette generator, and much less advertisements, too.   They provided a large number of color options, and also break them out in Light Color Palette, Medium Color Palette, Dark Color Palette, and Complete Color Palette.  So why aren’t they my number one?  Well, I may be a little bit simple, but I felt overwhelmed by the vast number of color options that this one provided.

cssdrive.com color palette generator

3.  Pictaculous (http://www.pictaculous.com/)

I had high hopes for the Pictaculous color palette generator at first load.  I found it’s ultra clean, ad free main page very appealing.  However, I found that it took a while to generate the palette, and it only came up with 3 colors.   It does give the option to download an Adobe Swatch File.

Pictaculous.com color palette Generator

4.  Color Hunter (http://www.colorhunter.com/)

Like all the others, Color Hunter is an easy to use, quick to produce, color palette generator, made a little bit too busy with the 3 large Google adsense ad banners.  They keep it pretty simple with only 5 colors generated from my photo….maybe a little to simple.  You can toggle vibrant/dull palettes, but the little icon is easy to miss with all the ads making me blind.  Another negative, there didn’t seem to be any sample css to copy or Adobe swatch to download.

colorhunter.com online free color palette generator

So there you have it, next time you’re stuck on picking colors for your new website project, check out these free online color palette generators.  And remember these aren’t just for web developers!   You can certainly use a color palette generator to come up with some new colors for your house too!

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