Advantages of PHP

What Is PHP?

PHP is probably the most popular Web programming language in the world. PHP is a recursive acronym for Hypertext PreProcessor. The main advantage of PHP is that it can produce dynamic web pages because it can read from and write to a relational database (most often MySQL).

PHP gained a lot of popularity in the beginning of the century, because it offered a way to make boring static websites more interesting. For more than a decade PHP has been the leading Web programming language. Unlike many other popular programming languages, for instance Java, which are object-oriented, PHP is a scripting language.

PHP is open source and similarly to most open source software, it is free for both personal and commercial use. PHP is available for many operating systems but its native operating system is Linux. In that relation you will often hear LAMP development, which is an abbreviation for software development using Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Advantages of PHP

PHP has become the most popular Web programming language not only because it is free. PHP is a full-fledged programming language (unlike HTML for example, which is more of a presentation means) and many complex applications can be written it it.

Another benefit of applications written in PHP is that they are fast and if written properly, they could be pretty secure. There are also tons of ready PHP scripts and functions, which you can customize to your liking and use in your PHP applications.

What Is PHP Hosting?

As the name implies, PHP hosting is a type of a webhosting package aimed at running applications written in PHP. Many of the best web hosting companies offer PHP hosting because there is a lot of demand for it – since PHP is one of the most popular web development languages, quite naturally PHP hosting is also among the most popular types of hosting.

Why Is PHP Web Hosting Cheaper?

When you browse for PHP hosting offers, you will notice that, all equal, PHP hosting offers are cheaper. If you are not familiar with PHP, you might think that PHP Web hosting is cheaper because it is inferior to the other types of webhosting. Well, this certainly isn’t so!

The main reason why PHP hosting is cheaper is that PHP is free. Additionally, PHP is frequently deployed on Linux, which is also (generally) free and it uses MySQL, which is again free. When a webhosting provider can use webhosting technologies for free, this logically leads to lower costs for the web host and as a result – lower hosting fees.

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