Cloud Computing and Web Design: A Growing Partnership?

The trend towards cloud computing is currently one of the hottest in the tech world. For individuals, cloud computing offers online storage, document synchronization, and easy collaboration tools. For business, the trend means a move towards platforms that can host much of a company’s electronic data. These platforms further offer advanced security features, managed server configurations, and cloud-based infrastructure as a service (IaaS).
Cloud Computing and Web Design: A Growing Partnership? But what does cloud computing mean for you, the web designer? Or, more to the point, how can cloud computing improve your web design tools? While we are still at the forefront of the cloud revolution, and there’s little doubt that many yet to be developed cloud features will have an impact on web design, there are already a couple ways that the current technology can make your designing process an easier and better one.

First, cloud computing can allow you to design your webpage without needing to rely on programs installed on your computing. Instead of editing photos on your computer in Adobe, and being limited by the capabilities of your hardware and the amount you spend on software, you can now find programs that allow you to do all this online. Programs like Aviary can give web designers many of those tools needed for vector creation and image editing. These cloud-based services will often run faster and cost less than traditional ones, and they can be used from any computer, anywhere. Thus, the web designer can have greater flexibility and capabilities when they turn to the cloud.

Second, there are cloud services that provide web fonts – or online typefaces – for use by designers and developers. Rather than being stuck with the same old options given on a traditional computer, you can now go online and customize a typography that best fits your website. With better typography, a site can look bolder, come across as more unique, and vastly increase its read-ability. Some web designers see no need for this service, but many others have already forgotten what they did before it was available.

There are further options available to web designers, and these can be found with minimal research. But even if cloud computing doesn’t appeal to you right now, it’s not going anywhere and it’s only likely to grow. For web designers, cloud computer will soon become a very important tool – if it is not already.

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