Scammers Force Apple to Lock App Screenshots

Apple locks app screenshotsApple is causing quite the uproar in the app development industry after announcing they are locking app screenshots in iTunes Connect after an app is approved.  Apple announced the lock down January 9th, 2013.  Apple is saying this will put a stop to scammers from selling fake apps using screenshots taken from uber popular games, as well as non iOS games.

Well documented scams have included the very popular game Halo 4, that turned out to be a lowly chess game, and a fake Pokemon Yellow iphone app, that didn’t even work.  Apparently scammers were able to use fake screenshots when submitting their app to the App Store and then once they were approved, they would change the app store descriptions.

You would think this move would be applauded, however, it has caused a lot of uproar in the iPhone and iPad developer arena.   Developers argue that this app screenshot lock down really ends up hurting the 99% of legitimate app developers, while trying to stop the little 1% of scammers.  Their main concern is that it will prevent A/B testing of screenshots to see which screenshot works best at converting users.  It stops legit developers from adding cool new screenshots of how to use the app after it’s been published, or, even to change an incorrect screenshot discovered after launch.

Of course, others argue, you should fully test everything BEFORE launching an app.  No matter what camp your in, this uproar will surely force Apple to revisit their decision to lock app screenshots and come up with a new method to stop app scammers that doesn’t hinder legit developers.


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