What Is RSS?

What is RSS?
RSS is the best way to keep up with your favorite blogs and news sites. Instead of constantly checking your favorite sites to see if they’ve posted anything new, you can subscribe to their RSS feeds for free, and have the new information delivered to you instead.

How Do You Subscribe To A Site’s RSS Feed?
Most sites have a button that looks similar to this one. Others may use variations of that graphic or you may see the letters RSS or XML on a small orange button. You’ll notice that my RSS button is a big orange book – see it over there to the right? Regardless of which image is used, clicking the RSS feed button will allow you to subscribe.

What Do You Do With The Page That Loads When You Click The RSS Button?
That depends on which RSS Reader you are using. Yes, in order to read feeds that you’ve subscribed to, you need to be using an RSS Feed Reader. These are almost always free, and you can either sign up for one online, or download one. Depending upon which one you are using, you’ll either just click on its button (if you see it), or you’ll copy/paste the URL of the feed into the reader. You’ll understand this better if you watch the video below.

Where Do You Get A Feed Reader?
There are lots of choices but I’ll just link to the ones that are most popular, or that I like the best. There’s Google Reader or NewsGator for online readers, and RSS Bandit would be my choice for a desktop reader.

Watch This Great Video For Easy To Understand Explanations

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